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i reside in Cali and I just really like looking at neymar jr
reading: the count of monte cristo

listening to: any song on my itunes tbh

re-watching: all
episodes of bobs burgers



Loose Leaf - Collingwood, Melbourne.

toughstrips and I seized the day with early coffees and plant adventures. Can’t rave enough about this place.



David died so we could live

Anonymous said:
Why is everyone saying rip david?


LISTEN TO ME! David and I were happy together! He just wanted to see the electric fountain in LA! He was a simple person! He saw was minding his business when he saw Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson! That’s all he saw! He was trying to live his damn life but the world is so evil modest snatched him up and now he is dead and those tweets are gone. Heaven gained an angel tonight #RIPDavid



"if stiles was a girl sterek would already be canon"

sweetie if stiles was a girl youd all hate her and ship derek with scott instead

you need to tell yourself honey… is he really cute? or is he just a white with a visible jawline?

“I don’t want to be the best player at the World Cup — I don’t even care if I score goals. I just want to realise my dream and win.”

"Share my body and my mind with you, that's all over now. Did what I had to do, 'cause it's so far past me now."

Jazz! Jazz, Jazz bo bazz Bonana fanna fo fazz Fee fy mo Mazz, Jazz!

Hey my name's jazz and im 13 (w ow thirte13n yaer ol d??// o n tumlbr go rea d book! ha!1!)

im just a hooligan fruit causing trouble at night

Things that make me happy 94.69% of the time:

  • ASKS YAY!!
  • small animals
  • harry styles with his titty out at weddings
  • pretty photos
  • i just rlly like hot men idc
  • strong eyebrow game turns me on
  • louise belcher
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